Green Entrepreneurship and Green Jobs Workshop @Caliberlink

By Bhavani Prakash

In a specially customised workshop for Caliberlink, we conducted a near full day workshop for Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) on Green Entrepreneurship and Green Jobs on August 28th 2013. The objective of the workshop was to acquaint PMEs with the emerging and growing environmental and sustainability related opportunities as entrepreneurs and professionals.  We covered various types of business models and gave examples of green enterprises in Singapore in the context of government grants.  As to green jobs, various sectors across industries were covered. Tips were also provided on the use of social media for marketing one’s green enterprise as well as building one’s personal profile as a potential job seeker.

In the first part of the workshop on Green Entrepreneurship, we had invited Mr. V. Hariharan, Co-Founder and CEO of  Third Wave Power to share his experiences on leaving a corporate job, and starting a company producing a solar charging system called MPowerpad. His ‘never-say-die’ attitude came through as he recounted making 75 pitches for his latest round of funding!  The PMEs had plenty of questions for him regarding overseas manufacturing, piracy issues as well as fund-raising.

In the post-lunch part of the workshop, our second guest-speaker was Mr Mok Chee Hong, Sustainability Ambassador at the Sustainability Incubation Hub at Fuji Xerox (FX) who talked about FX’s sustainability journey, and green ICT solutions. He also shared the Sustainability Incubation Hub’s experimentation with social innovation solutions such as providing a mobile phone based application that can alert about the health of an elderly parent.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time a public workshop on both green entrepreneurship and green jobs has been conducted in Singapore. We hope the PMEs will continue to network – we had provided several ideas about networking platforms in Singapore.  The feedback of the PMEs – about 50 of them – was heartening, and several of them said they learnt about new opportunities in the sector that they were not familiar with before. We’d also like to thank Caliberlink for the opportunity to conduct this workshop, and to all the PMEs for engaging so well during the event. We really enjoyed the interaction and sharing.

Here’s a slideshow from the event.

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Many thanks to Nivedita Sahoo, Sr HR Consultant at Green Collar Asia and Auropriya Reddy, Intern at Green Collar Asia for their able assistance during the program.

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