Aubrey Meyer: Contraction & Convergence as a pragmatic framework to solve Climate Change

Aubrey Meyer

By Bhavani Prakash In 1992 the world agreed a Climate Change Convention at the UN. Its objective … [Read more...]

Dr Andreas Birnik: Weaving Sustainability into an MBA Programme

Andreas Birnik compressed

DR. ANDREAS BIRNIK teaches Sustainability Strategy, Asia- Pacific Business and Corporate Strategy to … [Read more...]

Mok Chee Hong: Singapore Certified Green IT Professional (SCGP)

Mok Chee Hong

By Bhavani Prakash Mok Chee Hong  is  Sustainability Ambassador of  Fuji Xerox Singapore … [Read more...]

Joshua Freedman: Emotional Intelligence and its relevance for Green Talent

Joshua Freedman

By Bhavani Prakash Joshua Freedman is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the US based non-profit … [Read more...]

Joe Brewer: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Complex Issues

Joe Brewer

By Bhavani Prakash Seattle based JOE BREWER is one amongst a rare and emerging breed of … [Read more...]

Salman Zafar: Prospects for Bioenergy and WTE as a career

Salman Zafar

Salman Zafar Salman Zafar is a cleantech entrepreneur, consultant, writer and speaker with many … [Read more...]

Pavan Sukhdev: What is the World Worth?


By Bhavani Prakash Pavan Sukhdev, unlike most economists, has a strong passion to make Nature … [Read more...]

Janet Unruh: Implementing Cradle to Cradle

By Bhavani Prakash Janet Unruh is a person who believes that everything can be recycled 100% … [Read more...]

Dr Martin Blake: Greening of Royal Mail

Dr Martin Blake is Founder of Carbon Zero Solutions and was responsible for the Carbon Management … [Read more...]

Andrew Voysey: Asia’s Insurance Industry and Climate Change

by Bhavani Prakash The first ever Climate Change Summit for Asia’s Insurance Industry was held … [Read more...]