The Living Planet Report 2012

Living Planet Report 2012

By Bhavani Prakash   If you imagine Planet Earth having a routine health check, the Living … [Read more...]

Report: Unburnable Carbon – Are the world’s financial markets carrying a carbon bubble?

Carbon Bubble Report

By Bhavani Prakash In all the fear mongering about 'peak oil' , it is easy to forget that the … [Read more...]

CDP Global 500 Report 2011: Accelerating Low Carbon Growth

CDP Global 500 Report

By Bhavani Prakash The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) examines the extent of carbon reduction … [Read more...]

Is biomass the silver bullet we are looking for?

Biomass energy from

By Rohit Pathania Agriculture plays an important role in providing employment to billions of … [Read more...]

Renewables 2011 Global Status Report: Jobs in Renewable Energy

Solar Panel  Source Flickr Mike Weston

By Bhavani Prakash We presented a summary of Renewables 2011 Global Status Report (REN21) in the … [Read more...]

Renewables 2011 Global Status Report


By Bhavani Prakash   Global Renewable Energy now accounts for 16% of final energy … [Read more...]

Is sustainability a viable career in India?

By Pallavi Pant of  India Carbon  In this article, the author talks about the … [Read more...]

UNEP Green Economy Report

Green Economy Report Cover

News Release from 21 February 2011: The UN Enviroment Programme (UNEP) has … [Read more...]

What is a Green Economy and What is the Potential for Job Creation?

By Bhavani Prakash A green economy means different things to different people. But businesses and … [Read more...]

Welcome to Green Collar Asia

Welcome to Green Collar Asia! This is our inaugural post. We hope that you, as someone who's … [Read more...]