ILO: Asia Pacific Green Jobs Network: Skills for Green Jobs [Video]

International Labour Organisation(ILO) with Asia Pacific Green Job Network provided a forum to discuss the topic of green skills, their importance in the Asia-Pacific region, and how they can be improved and applied. This was through an video interview hosted by Sophy Fisher, ILO Regional Information Officer.  They offered some interesting insights about how green jobs covering both professional and less skilled people.  The following people are featured in the interview.

Mathew Hengesbaugh,ILO Project Coordinator for green jobs in Asia

Akiko Sakamoto, ILO Specialist on Skills and Employability









Khalilur Rahman, Director of Training Operations Bangladesh Bureau of Manpower

Nabi Khan, ILO Senior Programme Officer, Bangladesh









According to Asia Specific Green Job Network , green jobs are those that reduce environmental impact of enterprises and economic sectors to sustainable levels. These kind of jobs have become the need of the hour for a sustainable economy and society. A sustainable economy is required to preserve the environment for present and future generations.

Here is a video that speakes about the issues with honing green skills and the challenges faced.

Video link here

Asia Pacific Green Jobs Network


Green Jobs-AP is an ILO sponsored Community of Practice (CoP) that provides a platform to promote Green Jobs in Asia and the Pacific. It also acts as a medium for committed professionals and practitioners to share and leverage technical and practical knowledge on Green Jobs.

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