MIT Technology Review Lists 50 Most Disruptive Companies for 2013

MIT Technology Review has updated the yearly list of 50 Most Disruptive Companies, and we combed it to see which ones related to clean tech or renewable energy or any other green sector.  Here goes:

1  ABB – Swiss-based, this company is at the forefront of developing high-voltage DC circuit breakers for integrating renewable energy into power grids.

3  Alta Devices – Sunnyvale, California based, this company founded in 2007 has developed flexible, ultra-efficient solar photovoltaics that can be deployed almost on any surface, anywhere.

5 Ambri – a Cambridge, Massachusetts 2010 startup developing molten electrode-based battery storage capable of absorbing lots of energy and feeding it to the grid when needed.

7  Aquion Energy – a Pittsburgh-based company that has developed inexpensive large-scale batteries for use in grid storage.

16 Dow Chemical – this 116 year-old firm has developed photovoltaic roof shingle materials making every roof a solar power source

42 Siemens – this 166 year-0ld company builds all kinds of technology and lately is developing the turnkey battery and wind technologies that are pushing Germany to the forefront in implementing a comprehensive renewable energy strategy.

46 Toyota – Japan’s premier car maker continues to dominate the hybrid market and this year added a plug-in version of the Prius.

It was interesting to note that Singapore based InMobi was on the list too.The company offers an alternative to Google and Apple mobile advertising.  Some predictable names include Amazon, Google and Facebook. Coursera is all set to make a revolution in the field of education, and is deservedly there too.

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