Sustainable Building Conference 2013 (SB13), Singapore

Sustainable Building 2013 (SB13) Singapore is a pre-eminent international conference series on Sustainable Buildings & Construction. The event is co-organised by the BCA Centre for Sustainable Buildings (BCA CSB) and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The conference aims to provide an unparalleled view into regional and international sustainable building issues and promote greater sustainability through cost effective solutions in design, construction and operation. It also seeks to showcase built projects, ongoing research and governance models that specifically address life in the tropics; paradigms, processes and tools that can help designers, developers and policy-makers understand the exchange between people and buildings, buildings and neighbourhoods, cities and their surroundings, man and nature.

With its theme “Realising Sustainability in the Tropics”, the conference proceedings will focus on peer reviewed papers by researchers and practitioners; plenary sessions; and exhibition displays with participation encouraged from researchers, practitioners, stakeholders, policy makers, investors, students as well as users.

The conference is subdivided into 4 tracks. There will also be a special session on construction materials stewardship.

Track 1: Efficacy

Efficacy is the effective use of resources over time. These can be discussed as exchanges in the scale of buildings, neighbourhoods and cities.

Track 2: Ecology

Ecology refers to networks & ecosystems, either man-made or natural. These can be discussed at the urban or regional scale.

Track 3: Wellness

Wellness expands on indicators of indoor environmental quality. It looks beyond physiological parameters of health and comfort to include the psychological and emotional needs of people and communities.

Track 4: Integration

Integration is implementation that seeks multiple performance outcomes, incorporating the widest range of stakeholder interests and disciplinary knowledge. This practice-based track will showcase built projects that exemplify processes, economics and outcomes at various scales.

Special Session: CIB W1115 – Construction Materials Stewardship

This session looks at developing methodologies for closed loop materials systems and for the effective recovery of materials and components from existing buildings.

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9 – 10 September 2013

Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, SIngapore

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