Andreas Birnik: World Under Water by Carbon Story

Andreas Birnik

Singapore based carbon offsetting start-up named CarbonStory is getting widespread global attention … [Read more...]

The Titanic: Altering the course to sustainability


By Sahana Singh The Titanic – Climate Change analogy is getting more uncanny. The latest … [Read more...]

Interesting Reads in Cyberspace: September/Early Oct 2013

Climate Change Departure When Cities will feel the effect

Compiled by Bhavani Prakash CLIMATE CHANGE:  THE HEAT IS ON! 1. The much awaited IPCC Report … [Read more...]

Joe Brewer: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Complex Issues

Joe Brewer

By Bhavani Prakash Seattle based JOE BREWER is one amongst a rare and emerging breed of … [Read more...]

Andrew Voysey: Asia’s Insurance Industry and Climate Change

by Bhavani Prakash The first ever Climate Change Summit for Asia’s Insurance Industry was held … [Read more...]

Is biomass the silver bullet we are looking for?

Biomass energy from

By Rohit Pathania Agriculture plays an important role in providing employment to billions of … [Read more...]